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Current state of affairs at LMC

Current Happenings:

  • It is with a grateful yet heavy heart that we say goodbye to Pastor Dean and Janis Easton, as they begin a new phase of their life together. Pastor Dean announced his retirement a few months ago, and his last service was July 16. Their retirement starts in Western Iowa, back among familiar ground and nearer to family and old friends. We will miss them both terribly, because we, as a congregation, would not be where we are today without both Dean and Janis. Their guidance, strength of faith, leadership and stewardship will be difficult to replace, but we are confident that they have left us with the proper purpose and wherewithal to maintain and grow both our mission and our church families. We cannot thank them enough, words seem inadequate, we wish you well, be safe, and remember us fondly, as we do you. God speed!
  • Once again, summer is upon us, and it is time for Summer Camp sessions at Camp Hope in New Jersey. If anyone has interest and would like more information, please see Donna in the office for a booklet of events. Donations are always welcome.
  • Please welcome Therese Walton, who has joined our mission as bookkeeper. Therese has been married for 20 years and has 2-boys, ages 13 and 17. She enjoys deep sea fishing and bay fishing with her family. On weekends, she and her husband also enjoy going to auctions.
  • Continued prayer concern for: Helen Vogel, Cindy Campbell, Anna Buchwalter, Susie Meals, Bonnie Tshudy, Dan Howell, Jan Stein, Emma Snavely, The Unified Board, Pastor Dean and Janis Easton.
“What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.”
 ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Until next time, keep the peace, uphold the unity and shine on!



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