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What's New at lancaster Moravian Church

Current state of affairs at LMC

Current Happenings:

  • Welcome Pastor Mandy Mastros! The excitement is palpable as we journey together on this new chapter in both your life, and the life of the congregation. May your time here be a blessing to us all.

  • Looking forward to celebrating our 271st congregation anniversary on November 26th with a Lovefeast.

  • Continued prayer concern for: Helen Vogel, Anna Buchwalter, Bonnie Tshudy, Charlotte Howell and the family of her son, Dan Howell, after his recent passing; Cindy Campbell, Susie Evans, Sara Aker, Jan Stein, Tracy Davis, Danielle Tshudy.

There is no royal road to anything; one thing at a time in succession; that which grows fast, withers as rapidly; that which grows slowly, endures.

--Josiah Gilbert Holland

Until next time, keep the peace, uphold the unity and shine on!



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